Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Wave Two of Ruth is done

The third day of Ruth's League FAB has come to an end. Only Four teams still have some decent cash left in their account ($17, $13.5, $9 & $8.5) while the rest are $5M and below. Only one is in trouble with years but he has some cash should be able to snag some good players with the few years that are left -- everyone else has a good amount of years left. Some of the days signings showed the start of the bargain hunting among the owners. Lots of $.5 for 1 or 2 years. Some key signings were: Posada C @ $4.0M/1Y; B. McCarthy RP $2.5M/1Y; Lily SP @ $3.0M/1Y; C. Cordero @ $4.5M/2; Peralta SS @ $2.0M/2Y; Figgins OF @ $5.5M/2Y; Shealy 1B @ $1M/2Y; Jennings SP @ $2.5M/1Y; Maine SP @ $2M/2Y; Bosner SP @ $1.5M/1Y; Lowe SP @ $3M/1Y; Zumaya RP @ $4.5M/3Y; Wainright RP @ $3.5M/3Y; Duke SP @ $2M/1Y; Sexson 1B @ $1.5/1Y; Mussina SP @ $4M/1Y; M. Gonzalez RP @ $2.5M/2Y; DeRossa OF @ $3.5M/3Y; DeJesus OF @ $1.5M/1Y; Arroyo SP @ $3.5M/1Y; Matsuzaka SP @ $8.5M/2Y; Tracy 3B @ $2M/3Y; Rodriguez C @ $1.5M/1Y; Cuddyer OF @ $3M/2Y; LoDuca C @ $3M/1Y. So as you can see now the owners are paying a premium for SP.

The Pugs got three players out of the day: Sammy Sosa OF @ $.5M/1Y; L Scott OF @ $1M/1Y NT; MacDougal RP @ $.5M/3Y & Dotel RP @ $1M/2Y. With today's take the pugs have now maxed out for years. We have finished with 67 GM Points and 25 players. The Pugs were able to achieve most of the pre-FAB goals -- we upgraded the C position with a couple of young catchers, filled out the bench and filled up with the RP position. Still need to find an upgrade for 2B and do need some SP but I was not wanting to get into the bidding wars over SPs during the FAB -- there will be some good SP available in the FA period.

Have not seen any effect of the blackout period on the Pugs activities but with us only chasing low contracts its no surprise that we did not see any impact from it although it sounds like it will stop those last minute bids.

So for the 3rd round. Even if I'm out of the FAB I'm still going to spend time taking a look at the available players so that as soon as the FAB finishes up I'll start putting FAs out there. There are still some good players out there and I'm going to have at least $12.5M to spend -- so here is hoping most of the teams get those big price players that they need and burn their money so I can snag some deals during the FA round. Remember once the FAB is done not only does it mean FA but trading can continue -- look at the for trade list and see if something is there that can help you start the season hot.
Good Luck

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