Friday, March 9, 2007

When we were King(s)

Gentlemen, it's good to be back. Your reigning 2006 Mantle League Champ has learned how to "blog." First sign of the apocalypse. And while we're on that subject, we'll later get to why I won't repeat this year. Nothing like starting out the season on a positive note. Then again, I did win.

First I'd like to say if you want real in-depth knowledge on GDR proceedings please read posts by leehaak (Ashenvale Gryphons) and abenner (Lyndon Bats). They're are much more knowledgeable than I, winning a combined 40 games last year. That's 1.5 times more than I won. (Did I mention I won it all?)

On a serious note though, I read what those guys write because they're not only knowledgeable about baseball, but also the GDR format and process. And they put together a helluva pair of teams last year that scared the bejeezus out me after the FAB.

The champion Trophy Wives return with an aging lineup, no cash for the FAB, a strapped family schedule during the FAB and a division in which not one, but two owners chose the firesale option. Could make for a long 3 days of blitzing. That being said, I'll address these issues one by one.

Aging lineup and no cash in the FAB is my own fault (returning players and contracts listed at bottom of post). You can look at it as pulling a Steinbrenner. Maybe I bought a championship last year. That's the grave I put myself into. For you new owners, it can be done. Just be ready to deal with the ramifications of the following year. And you need to stay above .500 to play another year in the Champs League. As for family scheduling, I have my daughter's birthday this weekend. Great thing about GDR is you don't have to be present during the FAB. Play your cards right, set the first offer and auto bid pages and by the time you get to a computer you shouldn't worry too much. As for the firesale option, I'll have to let you know after the FAB how that turns out. I've never been through this before. Just so happens, 2 of the owners on the firesale are in my division. Not exactly a powerhouse division last year. I was the only team above .500. There's probably a good reason why those owners taking over new teams ditched the remaining players.

The Champs Leagues have their own set of rules which may vary a bit, or a lot, from the one you're in this season. For me this is a different beast because of the SP bonus points. And in my other league we went with the virtual series option, so I'll be playing both sides of the module in 2007. Cannot really say what effects the rule changes will have until a couple of weeks in to 2007.

On to FAB talk. A 3-dayer in the Mantle League as opposed to the normal 5-day FAB. Works well for most of us since we have a roster of half-full players. Don't overthink the FAB if this is your first time playing GDR. Now if this is your first time playing any type of Fantasy/Rotisserie/whatevertheycallitthesedays baseball, do yourself a favor and get a spreadsheet. Some people do pre-season magazines, others with 40-man rosters. Do yourself a favor, get projections, 3-year averages and some other fluke stat that will make you feel unique and plug it into a spreadsheet. GDR hands you the point values so tabulate them with Excel and see who's available and who's on top at each position. Abenner had a great idea I would have forgot to pass along if I didn't read it. For you traditional Roto'ers, convert $260 in $100-mil and you'll have the GDR number you're looking for. For first time owners the numbers may seem a bit deceiving at first and you're going to get the screw-job on a couple of contracts. It happens to everybody. Don't panic, don't immediately drop the guy and look for a replacement. (By the way, if you read this post for the rest of the season refer to my last point whenever I broach the forsaken name of Francisco Cordero and curse the living hell out of Bobby Jenks. Go ask leehaak for the story, instead. I'm over that mistake from last year's FAB....right?) Be patient and come round 4 & 5 you'll have great steals everybody else missed. Don't try and blow $85-mil in day 1.

That being said, once you've got your target players don't sit on your hands. Middle of the pack infielders and a group of number three closers on each team might let you finish somewhere around .500. Studs win championships. Sometimes a group of studs don't win. But would you rather have the studs gunning for a title, or know that every week you might have a slim chance of winning if "this guy" pitches a no-hitter and "that guy" saves five games? There's a number of other points to address such as GM ratings changing this year, the new flex reliever position and how backups are being treated as far as points go for the week. If you're new you won't know the difference . If you want a boatload of info on any topic please refer to the GDR forum . Not only does it occasionally make for interesting and insightful reading, but you'll also get a kick out of people who want world peace, an end to hunger and no trading prospect draft picks all rolled into one. Entertaining at times, to say the least.

Additionally, with already having 14 guys on the roster and $29-mil, I'm not going to pick up huge GM points anyway. Next post I'll hit on contract extensions for this year and why JD Drew's elbow will mean my GDR Champions League days are a thing of the past. But did I mention I won last year?

Trophy Wives 2007 Pre-FAB Roster
Johnson, R. $9.5M/2Y
Schmidt, J. $9.0M/2Y
Abreu, B. $8.0M/1YNT
Helton, T. $8.0M/1YNT
Berkman, L. $7.5M/1YX
Oswalt, R. $7.5M/1YNT
Ensberg, M. $5.0M/1Y
Lackey, J. $5.0M/1Y
Linebrink, S. $5.0M/1YX
Biggio, C. $3.0M/1Y
Drew, J. $3.0M/1YX
Barmes, C. $2.0M/2Y
Loney, J. $0.5M/2Y
Milledge, L. $0.5M/2Y

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