Monday, April 23, 2007

Dog Fight at the Pound

Week three brought the league a classic Dog fight. The game came down to the last day of the week and biggest meanest dog this week was the Papa Lou Dawgs Squad. What was to be a good hitting match up turned out to be the death of the Pugs – between the Dawgs Bonds and Beltran they racked up 88 points to give the Dawgs the edge that they needed. Dawgs are one of the most balanced teams in the league and will be one of the teams that will have to be dealt with during the playoffs by any team wanting to win the championship.

This leaves the Pugs at 2 – 1 after three weeks (still ahead of last year) and going into the weekly match up against the Soggy Bottom Boys, which racked up over a 400 points last week – 112 points from just their bullpen. Hopefully the Boys will take a couple of handfuls of Valium and calm down or it might be a long week.

Actions to prep for the week was: send J. Schmidt to the DL -- $7M a year of Zero. Went after and picked up K. Miller 1B, M Maroth SP, C. Gaudin SP to fill some gaps at hitting and pitching – this move cost me my left over cash and filled up the rest of my 40 man roster -- so if any thing happens over the season I’ll have to drop folks to free up cash and roster spots. Additionally, I went on and waved E. Jackson, although he showed potential but he was being too erratic compared to the other Rays pitchers and Caudin has a stronger up side. Good news coming out of the week is that Gimpy H. Matsui was ready to come off the DL so Hillenbrand got his self shipped off to the minors to make room for the better bat.

With these moves made – it was time to review the roster and try to find ways to improve the hitting numbers. Matsui moved to the OF while L. Scott when to the bench (slumping the last week after a hot start), swapped C. Snyder with Kendall (Kendall’s bat seem to be waking up) (key for drafts or trades – spend the $$ for one of the top 8 Cs, easier than trying to find one as a FA), Shipped helms into the bench to back up Delgado and moved Miller into the DH role. As to Pitching – it stayed mostly the same except Caudin shifted to the starting role. Left the bullpen as it was and hope that they continue to rack up decent points.

Only time will tell if the Pugs are up for the challenge.

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