Monday, April 30, 2007

Extolling the virtues of virtual

Another week, another disappointing loss by 27 points. Luckily it was to an owner who I have the utmost respect for while only playing against him for 28 weeks. A little bit easier to swallow.

But that's not what I’m here to write about this week. This time I would like to extol the virtues of what GDR calls the “virtual series.” Last year there were numerous posts asking GDR to take the 24-week regular season and equate it 162 games. Fair enough, I see the point. Never participated in anything like it but I understand why it’s convenient. Also practical scoring wise which I did not notice until four weeks into the season.

I play in 2 leagues. The champions league does not use the virtual series format. My other league with my buddies does (after a unanimous league vote). In the champs league I’m 2-2. 2-2 despite a total of a 96-point differential. If the champs league were to take 7-game series and equate it to a virtual series league, I would be 12-16. The virtual series uses percentage of point differential to determine whether the winning team wins 4, 5, 6 or 7 games that week. The flip side is the losing team taking that number in the L column. Fair enough. 2-2 overall right now, 12-16 in a virtual series. You’d think I would hate the idea of converting to this.
Ah, but fair play rears its ugly head and I have to say I should be 12-16. I’m not a 2-2 team. 1-3 at best. 12-16 is a much better description of this team. Now let’s take the other league using the virtual series format. On a weekly basis I’m 1-3. However, through the virtual series I’m 13-15. A much better depiction since total points scored is only one less than total points scored against (forgive me for not saying allowed, but with few options to stop you opponent defensively through strategy adjustments scored against sounds more apropos.) 1-3 puts me a good 5-6 week winning streak out of making a dent. 13-15 and four games behind the division leader can be done in 2-3 weeks. I’m starting to buy into this virtual series and think it may be a better indicator of how a team is performing much better than weekly standings.


mikeh106 said...

Gotta disagree with you guy. I'm in 6 leagues - 3 with virtual series, 3 not. I hated the concept when it was discussed and now that we're 1/3rd of the seaon in I hate it even more.

Getting rewarded for crushing an opponent is basketball or football, not baseball. If you win by 1 point or 200 you should get one win.

4 times now I've won a close game on a 6 game week and only gotten a 3-3 total. I should have 4 wins for those and instead have the equivalent of 2. The virtual series is a lousy idea. I'm sure I'm in the minority but I still hope that GDR does away with it.

slipdiesel said...

That's one of the very nice things about GDR, offering 3 options about how to run a league throughout the course of a week. We put it to a vote in my private league and decided to try it out. Not sure if we're sticking with it yet, but I think the majority of people are on board. One question for you, how do basketball and football teams earn rewards for "crushing an opponent?"