Monday, April 9, 2007

The First week

The first week is history. Had to start the season against the New York Knights. A very balanced team from last year that finished second in the league. After a nick and tough first few days the Pugs were able to pull away on the last day to finish 310.8 to the Knights 272. The Pugs were carried with strong hitting by Ramierz and Hudson, while the starters put up numbers to split the pitching battle. What carried the day was 28 points by Jenks and 51 by Wickman.
Last year the Pugs lost the first week to this same Knights team and it was RP that buried them. So this is a good start to the second year -- hopefully the Pugs can keep it up.

During the week I picked up M. Wise RP to go with the pick up of A. Reyes and B. Stokes RP the week before. RP can be key in the stretch run as people start

To star the second week off I swapped out S. Hill SP with E. Gonzalez. I went on and shifted M. Cameron OF to the Bench to back up the DH slot and moved K. Matsui into the DH – off to a hot start. Now the Pugs of 2007 are starting to look like the ones from the year before. H. Matsui has found his way to the DL AGAIN! So I placed him on the 15 day DL and hope he is back in a few weeks and put S. Sosa into the OF slot in his place.

This week’s match up is against 643 DP – another returning team from last year. DP had a monster first week racking up 337 points. This was going to be a tough week, but it looks like it will be even tougher – already J. Schmidt has an injury and H. Ramierz is hobbling. We’ll have to see if the other players can pick up the slack.

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