Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Good Luck, Bad Luck

First off, let me say if you own Brett Myers, today is a surreal day for you. The brain trust over in Philly decided to take one of their promising young starters and move him into middle relief. I drafted him in my money league with the expectation of 180-200 k's and 15 wins. But hey, he should rack up the holds! I guess we can hold out hope that radio DJ takes up Charlie Manual on the offer for a brawl, kicks his ass, hijacks the Phills and lets Myers back into the rotation. Really Philly? This how you answer a 3-9 start? Since we are making knee jerk reactions that should hinder the club in the long and short term, might I suggest pushing Howard into the leadoff spot to take advantage of his walking prowess and let Rollins bash him home? Onto GDR where we all manage better then the Phillies.

The only thing worse then suffering a rash of injuries is finding out about them Sunday morning when the Redsox have their Patriot Game scheduled for noon on the following Monday. Time to throw the Randy Johnson into the fire! What's that Mr. Unit? You need another rehab start? God you are a wuss. Hike up your skirt, the Dawgs need you! This folks, is why other owners advocate carrying extra starting pitchers, because I was out of luck (Pavano also went down). This was compounded by the news BJ Ryan is having elbow issues. Ryan was a big FAB signing for the Dawgs. Now it's Valverde's turn, who is always a great closer right up until he's not. You know the blow up is coming too, and possibly, a demotion just like last year.

Then, a little luck shined on a Dawgs ass. Harden won't be able to make his start, so my spot starter Joe Kennedy will now pitch Saturday instead of being skipped. My opponent, the Pugs (who you may know from his consistent blogs) suffered a setback when Schmidt landed on the DL. All that is remaining is for my boys to pick up where they have been for the last two weeks knocking off the defending champ and a semi-finalist to go 2-0 and reducing my magic number to 10 to stay in the Ruth League.

That is if I have anyone left to play. Kendrick is headed back to Los Angeles of Anaheim to get his hand checked out. Should be good though, since I have the Phenom A. Gordon to hit DH...

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