Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Great team...and manager???

Week 3 saw a crucial victory. An early leap ahead being clawed back each day, with both my team and my opponents' scores topping the league. ''What's gonna work, teamwork!'' was the rallying cry - and it did - all my SP's had good weeks and the batting was solid, in the face of a team that ended the week with 6 players in the 'Who's hot' lists (inc. Beltran, J Reyes, Hafner)

A narrow victory by the margin 8 points resulted - assisted by my decision to pitch around Beltran. Not really a masterstroke, but the manager did add something this week and proved that attention to detail - lineup, rotation, bullpen positions, positional backups - can make a small, but important, difference.

Great manager? - Not based on Week 4 so far and in no way is this an 'in your face' message to my opponent last week (not my style!) - more a 'very relieved manager' after scraping a victory that may well have had more to do with G Sheffield being benched and allowing my backup to contribute on that final day ... 'great manger' that, purchasing depth and dropping Sheffield down the order... Oh! once more I drift into delusional mode!

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