Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Leading A Double Life

This week was quite boring in the Clemente League, because noone did anything aside from put some mediocre roster fillers on the market. I occupied my time with the FAB of my other league, which involved eight new players. The first four waves consisted of glutonous overspending, due to inexperience and immediate panic at the fact that they weren't getting the players they wanted (thus causing a downward cycle into extreme overbidding). Just to give you an idea
Santana 17.5 3 yrs NT
Carpenter 16 3 yrs
Soriano 15.5 3 yrs NT, A-Rod 15.5 3 yrs NT, Howard 15.5 3 yrs NT (These 3 were signed by the same team)
Meanwhile, everyone was so scared of the contract that Pujols was going to get, so only half the league bid on him and he went for a paltry 14 3 yrs NT.
I decided this year that I would really focus on pitching, which seemed impossible after the first few contracts were doled out. However, I managed to get a fantastic pitching staff which has Zambrano (11.5 3 yrs NT), Oswalt (Same), Myers (3.5 1 yr), Harang (9.5 3 yrs), Sowers (1 1 yr), Cla Meredith (3 3 yrs), Zumaya (8.5 3 yrs (on a side note, you can never pay to much for GREAT relief and that's why one of the other people in my league who commented I paid too much at 5.5 for Zumaya is wrong, because they can rack up so many points in comparison to just average relief pitchers)) and Joe Nathan (9 3 yrs NT). My hitting is alrite at best, the lineup includes Matsui, Bay, Byrnes, Bonds, Conor Jackson, Atkins, and Victor Martinez but is brutally weak at SS and 2B. However my reasoning is that good pitching beats any hitting as I found last year when I won my league with terrible pitching. I won because there wasn't anyone who ever had a good pitching week against me, whenever that did happen, I lost miserably. Also, in wave 5 everyone was out of money so my friend managed to get Texeira for 2.5 million, quite possibly the greatest steal in Gamedayritual history.
I'm dominating in both leagues as of now (both my teams have over 100 vs. the other team, each of which have about 35 as of now)

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