Sunday, April 1, 2007

How much would you spend for last year's top overall team?

Well, looks like about 177.5 million if you were the owners in the Clemente Champions conference. Too bad we all only get 110 million to spend!

I was lucky enough to end up with the top overall team in GDR last year, thanks in part to my powerhouse batting lineup. My top spot in the East Coast Dynasty League led me into a champs league invite for this year. But starting with a clean slate with a team in the Clemente champs league this year, I was curious to see just how many of last year's ECD players I could land this year given a free market, and how much my 2006 ECD lineup would cost heading into 2007. I did actually manage to land 5 starters that I had on my top team from last year (Albert Pujols, Manny Ramirez, Brian McCann, Garrett Atkins, and Jeremy Sowers)…plus backup Aaron Hill. But let's just say there were some big price disparities… I thought this might shed some light about one way to go about building a winning team- take a lesson from the stock market: past performance is no guarantee of future production. Last year’s stats are often good indicators for what players will do this year, but when you shell out the big $ for high FP players, just remember that you earn none of their past production! So get players with upside!

I had several signings come through for guys I inked prior to the 2005 season, when we were all starting out. Ryan Howard, 0.5mil/3year, Garret Atkins 1.0/2, and Jose Reyes 1.5/2 were all signed before 2005 at cut rate prices. I got Carlos Beltran at his min in wave 4 of the 2006 FAB, when nobody stowed away cash to lock up an OF with 16 homers, a 2.6 FP/G, and 4.5 minsal in 2005. So those guys would run you 39 mil for this season, and I got their production for only 7.5 last year. My bigger contracts were Manny Ramirez, Vlad Guerrero, and Chase Utley. They cost me 29 mil total for last year, and they went for 31.5 total- so I had only a slight discount on those 3. We’re up to 36.5 in 2006 and 70.1 for 2007 so far. Last year I picked up Brian McCann (0.5), and Albert Pujols (18.5) in trades, sending out Jeter, Konerko, Stephen Drew and Yorman Gallardo. McCann, Linebrink, and Pujols accounted for 25.5 in the Clemente FAB. So for the stretch run my lineup was Reyes-Utley-Beltran-Pujols-Howard-Vlad-Ramirez-Atkins-McCann. It’s pretty sweet when you have Manny hitting 7th and Garret Atkins, the top 3B, hitting 8th. I also had backups like Josh Willingham and Ryan Zimmerman at 0.5 and they just went for 2.5 and 5.0, and Aaron Hill 1/1. So now its 60 vs. 100.5 for the hitting lineup and we’re on to the pitching staff.

Brandon Webb ended up being the anchor of my staff, and I had him on a one year deal at 3.5 mil. He moved up to ace status since then and went for 11.5 mil in 2007. I really felt that Tim Hudson was in line to do well when he moved to Atlanta for 2005, so his 10.5 mil salary will be on the cutting room floor for the ECD team in 2007! Now you know why I tend to spend more on hitting! He went for a more 2007 appropriate 5.5 mil. I signed Scott Kazmir prior to 2005 and Justin Verlander prior to 2006 for a combined 4 mil, and they brought 15 mil together in the Clemente FAB. It sure is nice when those young SP’s can put up some points for you cheap. I also had Jeremy Sowers and Joel Zumaya from prospects drafts, so their 1 million combined would cost you 9 mil together for this year ( I thought 5.5 was an awful lot to pay Zumaya- I ended up having to replace him at the end last year as the Tigers rightfully babied him and limited his appearances). I got a nice deal on Barry Zito for 3 mil, and he just went for 5. Pedro Martinez I added after the FAB because he got waived with a free agent bid of 9 mil. That really hurt my free agent spending through the year but hey, it’s not every day that you can pick up an ace for cash only. With his injuries heading into 2007 he went for a modest 2.5. I picked up Scott Linebrink (3.0) and Mike Mussina (9.0) in late season trades, losing more prospects like Rich Hill (0.5 now 3.5- ouch!) , prospect Hayden Penn, and Ryan Zimmerman. Linebrink went for 5 and Mussina 4.5 on a 3 year deal for 2007. Tom Gordon (3.0) and Bob Wickman (0.5) tag teamed on the closer role after I wasted $ (5.5) yet again on the phantom of Eric Gagne at 5.5 (don’t worry I don’t have him this year- so he may return to form). In the closer rich MLB this year those two only went for 5.0. Other pitching expenditures included John Patterson (1.0), Dan Cabrera (1.0) and Mark Prior (5.5), who went for 6, 2.5, and 2.5 in 2007 respectively. That all totals up to 58 spent on pitching that went for a total of 77.5 million GDR dollars.

I know, some quick math reveals that my total salary would be 60 on hitting and 58 on pitching for a total of 118 million, and I can only spend 110 million. But big contracts like Pujols and Mussina, which account for 27.5 mil by themselves, were acquired late in the year. Those deals were offset by cash and I paid less than their full salary and only for a portion of the year. I also had 3 mil in dead money.

If you are thinking that the league I’m in must be full of hockey fans or something- we are competitive enough that I was able to claim the top spot with league FP counting a lot towards the attendance score. I would also argue that they gave me a tougher time during the 2007 FAB than the Clemente champion’s division!

Good luck for 2007!

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