Monday, April 9, 2007

Hunter, or Hunted?

SP Bonus/Game 1

Thank you SP bonus, thank you! After starting off last week on fire I nearly gave it up-- the difference being my 26 point marginal SP bonus gain!

Week 2

Avid Hunters (AH) posted a 417 opening week score-- 70 points better than 2nd and 216 superior to last. Can GDR spot me some points this week?

A performance this strong out of the gates invites three questions:

  1. Is Avid Hunters the hunter, or hunted?
  2. After a 417 point performance where do you go from here? Is this sustainable, or will teams catch up while AH reverts towards the pack?
  3. If AH maintains this pace, then would we be more accurate to refer to him as "The Prophet"?

Relievers/Risk/Ad Nauseam

On a risk basis relievers rate the highest compared to all other positions. So why pay up? The analysis is simple, the marginal difference between the top rated reliever and the 20th rated reliever is smaller than the top rated 2B compared to the 20th, or any other position. Therefore, I spent nearly nothing (10% of budget) on my relief corp.

After my relievers scored a combined -4 week 1 I am not reconsidering my strategy, however, admittedly, I am nervous. Trading Lidge (-11) last week should help. In the long run my risk prudence should be rewarded, but as our favorite economist once said, "In the long run we are all dead."

MLB Schedule

I have a great idea... we should schedule opening day games in Denver, Detriot, Cleveland and any other non-domed polar environment.

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