Monday, April 9, 2007

If you win the first one you can't lose 'em all

I am proud to say that I can officially claim success in my bid not to be swept completely out of existence by the strong baseball fu of my fellow Ruth Conference GMs. Riding the backs of two-and-a-half of my key FAB acquisitions - Russell Martin and Chris B. Young, plus some strong performances by David DeJesus (filling in for the snowbound Ichiro) - I managed to squeak out a victory in the first week's matchup against the mighty Mojo Men.

Of course, it helped that the MM's ace - Chris Carpenter - wasn't up to his normal standards, thereby not only failing to give the Mojos a large chunk of points but also handing me an additional 10 FP thanks to the pitcher matchup option that is enabled in this league. That's probably the last time an 8.5 FP performance by Dan Haren in the #1 spot wins those bonus points. I got lucky, there.

So for the moment the Blackland Bees find themselves the proud owners of a 1.000 record. Can we end the season now?

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