Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Is opening day the beginning, or the end?

Probably depends on your level of cynicism. Ideally it's the beginning for Texas Hedge. Without a doubt it is the end for the Washington Nationals.

No, suggesting Washington will be the worst team in baseball is not a stretch after one game. The Nationals are terrible. What is going on? Arguably, better teams exist in my softball league (ok, maybe they are not that bad).

Unsolved 2006 Mysteries

How long will Lidge last as closer volume 2007? One of the overlooked stories on opening day is the failure of Lidge. Following yesterday, hopes of a Lidge bounce after a forgettable 2006 will test the resilience of every Lidge owner. Lidge pulled before June?

SP Bonus

Concerning the SP match up bonus, I fail to remember much being discussed. Obviously, given this new tweak, a reasonable amount of strategy points can be won or lost.

Did you adjust your strategy, or allocation of offense/pitching?

Personally I did not. Full disclosure, however, I was prioritizing pitching over hitting-- serendipitous or visionary? Maybe it is my bias, but I believe the SP bonus will have a meaningful impact on game outcomes this season. How many managers actually "gamed" opponent match ups week 1?

Day 1 Special Thanks

  • Mike Napoli- Thanks for the SB. I would like to see 30 more out of you this season.
  • Dontrelle Willis- My decision altering SP rotation by moving Willis to #1 and freezing his first start against the Nationals should earn 10 bonus points provided Webb fails to score greater than 46.
  • Adam Dunn- Your veteran leadership is needed on this "uber-young" offense. Your 324 home run pace will not be overlooked come extension time.
Even if the above breaks did not fall my way I remind myself it could be worse.... I could be managing the Washington Nationals. Then again we have only completed day one.

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Brian said...

I disagree about Lidge, there seemed to be a lot of discussion about when he would lose his job the next day. I bet if Lidge blows a another save or two he will be gone by the end of April.