Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Mantle League SP Showdown

OK, so maybe that's overselling it a little . . . ;-)

It's verrrrrrry early, but here are the results so far:

The Gryphons SPs:

Carpenter (0 points, may be injured), Bush, Kazmir (3 points), Vazquez, Garcia, Lilly (great outing today - I think 35 points), Clemens (still mulling....)

The Crash Test Dummies SPs:

Matsuzaka, Peavy (29), F. Hernandez (41), Hamels (24, robbed of 10 more by bullpen), Beckett (23), J. Shields, Pelfrey (minors), Igawa, Garza (minors)

Another thing to consider -- if you sweep all 5 SP matchups, that's an extra 30 points! That's like adding an extra player. (For you hockey fans in the audience, consider it a power play.) If Matsuzaka beats 18 and Gustavo Chacin falls short of 23, the Dummies will begin the season with the 5-0 SP "power play," hopefully the first of many.

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leehaak said...

Lol, yes, it is early. I'd also caution that in comparing these staffs, you have to take into account the financial investment; yours cost you almost 50 million, and mine cost 35 million, including 4 million in 'delayed gratification' with Clemens. Also keep in mind that a comparison should be made of how many points these staffs actually scored for their teams, since that speaks to the crux of my argument. Ironically though, I only have one fewer starting pitcher on my staff than you do, if you count Clemens. It is early. I started 1-4 in this league last year, and only lost once the rest of the year.... :)

The Carpenter injury already hurts, as I had him set to last, and he will now have to take the zero. Kazmir is also set to last, so his Sunday start is the only one that should count for me. If the injury goes longer, my lack of depth (at least right now) could hurt me, but no one can expect alot if their number 1 goes down, no matter how much depth they have.