Thursday, April 26, 2007

Not so gentle musings of a 2-1 team

The musings just got a whole lot shorter since the famed, now infamous, dashboard blogger said it would not connect and did not save my work. So here’s to wasted time after thinking I was happy about not going on a rant like last week.

1) SP Bonus points don’t mean much. A total of 90 possible points so far, I have 22 and 2 wins. 78% of the time my pitcher gets the short end of the stick but it has not played any part in the outcome of the game. Maybe the sample size is too large.

2) Points are down. No concrete evidence but only a handful are at or near the 300+ mark in my two leagues. Possibilities include weather canceling games or the cold slowing down offensive production and limiting the amount of innings from starters. Also, names like Capps, Gorzelanny, Al Reyes and Looper. If you expected them to be in the top 30 in GDR points as of right now you’re a much better prognosticator than the rest of us.

3) Flex reliever has played no part in any game I’ve been a part of. I’m not a middle reliever dissenter that thinks these guys are the bane of our existence. GDR set the rules, you knew what they were when you signed up. If having someone in that FR position makes you feel better, I hope you’ve had a chance to use them this year. If not, stop whining about losing to a guy whose bullpen beat you. Do us all a favor and go get better relievers. Not like there’s a shortage of them.

4) In both league’s I’m in Mark Buehrle occupied the spot starter position. Neither team gained any points from his no-hitter last week.

5) The dashboard blogger can go to Hades in a handbasket. I’m cutting and pasting from Word from now on. Those are my words of wisdom this week in my Champions League Blog. That is the level of my frustration right now.

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