Monday, April 9, 2007

Not a stellar start for the Highlife

Well, week one is in the books and it did not go particularly well for the Fargo Highlife. I got thumped by the Mosquitos 324-265. My OF depth, which was thin already, took a serious blow with Matsui's hammy injury. And although I remain very optimistic about my SP depth, the fact I have no clear #1 could be an issue with the SP matchup points.

However, there were some good signs. I took a flyer on Johnny Peralta in the FAB, and he started off hot until the snow rolled into Cleveland. Dontrelle Willis and Chris Capuano had strong first weeks, and I anticipate much better days ahead for guys like Chris Young and Eric Bedard. And, oh yeah, Miggy Cabrera is awesome.

So what now? With Matsui's injury, I'll be relying heavily on Gary Matthews, Dave Roberts, and Raul Ibanez in the OF. Not exactly a Murderer's Row, but they should be productive. Delgado, a notorious streak hitter, had a big day today so hopefully there will be more to come from him. As for my pitching order, I hope that will work itself out quick. If Willis can be a competitive #1, then I'll be looking good in my other SP matchups with guys like Bedard, Capuano, Young, and Maddux.

Otherwise, you can find me in the "trades" page, doing my best to negotiate something to get the blogs talking...

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