Monday, April 16, 2007

Only the Dodgers Ball Boy had a Worst Week than the Highlife

My team is 0-2, plus I just lost BJ Ryan to the DL. I'm not starting a closer or flex reliever this week due to the late notice of Ryan's injuries. Needless to say, I don't think I have any business telling any other owners how to manage their teams....I'm pretty sure a trained monkey could do better than I am thus far in the Mantle Conference.

As a result, let me expound instead on "real baseball." Particularly the Los Angeles Dodgers ball boy (ball man??) who got biffed in the face by a foul ball during Sunday Night's ESPN Baseball game. Of course, since the game was just background noise for Joe Morgan and Jon Miller to talk about Jackie Robinson, the American public probably did not notice the ball boy get KO'd and then spend the next five minutes laying motionless on the ground (God knows Morgan and Miller didn't). But I did, and I salute that man for eventually walking off the field on his power. And could someone post the clip on Youtube already!?

For the record, I love Jackie Robinson. But I think ESPN could've at least pretended to pay attention to the actual game going on last night...I'm pretty sure Vin Scully was respecting the game AND Jackie during his LAD broadcast.

And, as for my GDR team? Eh.....pray for rain.

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