Monday, April 30, 2007

Relief is a Must

This weeks game between the Soggy Bottom Boys was a match up of two teams having off weeks and for the Pugs it simply came down to one player and his self destruction on the field last week – B. Wickman. Wickman did not help the Pug’s cause with a whooping minus 25 points – yes minus. To add on top of this that the Soggy Boys won by just 1.4 points it comes down to just Wickman having one decent game – Not! Oh well, this leaves the Pugs at 2 – 2 and going into week 5 against the Ruth Stars – this looks like it is going to be a long week.

To the discussions that have been going on concerning how much to pay for relief – simple pay what you need to make sure you have 4 to 5 quality closers and set up men. These five can make your season fun or painful – look for good value but don’t be cheap.

What did we do for the coming week -- First off Wickman was shipped off to the Minors and Jenks was brought up to take his place. Snyder C went to the minors as J. Bard, C came off the DL. Brought S. Hill, SP to take the 5th SP slot while E. Gonzalez went down to the minors.

Some helpful suggestions. 1) Keep an eye on the new players on the market list that comes out on Wednesday – look for young bargains. 2) Once a day look at your favorite source of Baseball news to have a feel for who is coming and going. 3) Friday set your batting and pitching lineup for the upcoming week – this gives you two days to come back and make changes, while avoiding the worst oh I forget run. 4) Once a day look at the front page of your league or leagues to see what your score is, who is on waiver, who went onto the Market and to check on possible trade offers. This keeps you abreast with what is going on – depending on the number of leagues that you have it should not take long.

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