Monday, April 16, 2007

A season is…….

A Season is not made based on the first two weeks but it does help and so does a little luck. This weeks luck was the northeaster that hit the east coast and caused a lot of games to be cancelled. My pitchers came out red hot during the first part of the week, putting me up with a solid lead over 643 DP. Over the week his good pitching was slowly reducing that lead until he had me down to just about a 30 point lead. The nerves were on edge, he had Ben Sheets going and I had Josh Beckett pitching. Normally this would not an issue but Beckett had already put up 36 points and claimed the 8 pt pitching bonus – of course I had chosen average. Now with a quality pitcher like Sheets going there was good chance that if Beckett had a rough day his average was going to drop and if Sheets put in a good start could take the bonus points away. Luck had it, Beckett’s start was washed out and Sheets ran into Cardinal bats. So, with a good week in Pitching and then throw in the hitting of Damon, C. Jones and O. Hudson the Pugs were able to hold off DP and rack up a second victory. Compare this start with last year and I would say the big difference is timely hitting by 2 or 3 players a week and strong starting pitching.

Like last year, the Pugs have already seen the injury bug bite. More hamstring and elbow problems. This week we saw two key elements to the hot start hit the DL in J. Bard C and K. Matsui. Of course that means both of my Matsui’s are on the DL. Fortunately I was able to quickly and quietly pick up C. Snyder. Snyder is not a superstar but he is putting up close to 2 pts a game. I shifted Helms into Matsui’s spot at DH and hope that the hot bat we saw last week continues from Helms. Will go on and activated Pedroia to back up Hudson while Matsui is on the DL. With Jenks not throwing well at Detroit, the Pugs put in the Devil Ray’s closer – yes we did but A. Reyes has 4 saves already and looks good. You may ask why not get someone better to fill those areas. Simple answer: You are competing against good owners and don’t have a lot of $$. So the great moderate players are going and I have to find some bargains that hold off the next group of teams until the hitters get healthy or find their bat. As a whole the pitching is in good with the exception of J. Schmidt – hopefully he’ll find that groove against COL this week; of course I pushed him out of the number one slot to the third slot. So I’m hoping to keep the next few teams at bay and maybe win one of the next two games before the Matsui boys come back and the bats for my main stars get hot.

My Opponent for week 3 is one of the 4 remaining undefeated teams in the league – Papa Lou Dawgs Squad. The Dawgs are a solid team, which had a better week as a whole than the Pugs. They did loose Pavano and B. Ryan to the DL, but did go on and activate Randy Johnson in case he starts this weekend. The hitting between the two teams match up very well and we’ll have to see if the Pug’s pitching will come through.

We will have to see, but this is set up to a close game.

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