Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Death by Relief Pitchers

Week 5 saw a continuation of the Pugs loosing streak. This weeks opponent was the Ruth’s Stars. The Pugs team rebounded after a poor week to put in a good hitting week as a whole. The bats of the Pugs was 40 + points better and the Starting Pitching was just a little less than Ruth’s but his RP put up 103.5 points to the Pug’s 66 points giving him a 329 to 317 victory. Again we come back to the discussion of what to pay for RP – to pay big $$ or get them on the cheap. Ruth’s top three RP cost him 16M compared to my $3 for my top 3. Sometimes you need to pay top $$ for a good RP but then if they go south on you – guess who ends up with the overprice player. Tough choice to make during the FAB.

This week we go back to our Division to face Channeling Theo – again welcomes to the champion’s league where there are not many bad teams in the league. This again should be a close series of the Pugs show up.

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