Saturday, May 5, 2007

Diary of a Mad GDR owner

Monday April 30th - The first month is in the books, and it was a pretty successful month overall (although the Gryphons stand at 2-2, and Carpenter is still on the shelf.) Three leagues with virtual series, I stand at 16-12, 18-9, 19-8. Other three leagues, 4-0, 3-1, 2-2. Three leagues with no SP matchups, and I'm first in points in all three. Three leagues WITH pitching matchups, I'm 4th in points. Coincidence? Probably not. Still, not a bad start for a guy who is Pujols dependent (I own him in five leagues). You can start hitting any time now Albert.

With the lineups set, I can sit down and watch '24' I'm watching it now only for the comedic value. The writers have apparently gone on vacation and are merely recycling old plot lines. The suspension of belief required to watch the show each week has actually gotten laughable (couldn't Jack have just faked out the Chinese guy with an old 128 MB memory board from a Dell Laptop?) But, it is funny. Audrey isn't looking too good, which I guess is the result of being brainwashed by the Chinese AND being held hostage during a bank robbery, all in the same television season. I think the writers of this show have gotten inexcusably lazy.

On the other hand, Monday night brings the best, most refreshing new show of the season, and it just keeps getting better and better. Yep, 'Heroes' outdid itself this week with the most imaginative show of the season, and one of the singularly best episodes I've ever seen on network TV. Great characters, clever, imaginative plot line, and great writing make this a can't miss. Thank goodness for Tivo.

On the GDR front, the Cards continue to struggle. My reliance on Pujols is still not paying any dividends. It's becoming alarming. The news got even worse with the announcement that El Duque was hitting the DL. My already thin pitching staff gets even thinner. Bad start to the week.

Thursday May 3rd - Avert your eyes, the train wreck is in full swing. A huge lead in my two a week, virtual series, pitching matchup league has evaporated. This is a great league, but the combination of these rules has proven problematic, at least for me. Too often you miss a start in one of the games, and with the pitching matchups kicking in twice a week, you've got 48 points up for grabs each week instead of 30. I wouldn't recommend the two a weeks. Good intentions, but I think the virtual series has somewhat the same effect without the unforeseen and undesired problems.

Friday, May 4th - Well, if you're going to lose without the safety net of the virtual series, you might as well lose BIG, and that's what I'm doing to the Bumblebee Tuna. I can't buy a win, and research quickly revealed the reason why. The Crash Test Dummies are getting his wins AND my wins. A tip of the hat to the dummies, who are averaging an unbelievable 121 SP points per week, despite losing King Felix. To put that into perspective, in my other leagues, no other team has averaged even 100. My 79 per week ranks 4th. While I love that pitching staff, the numbers are clearly not sustainable. Why? Well, a look at the W-L record of those pitchers reveals the answer. The record of that top six is 20-5, an .800 winning percentage. Translated to GDR points, that's a plus 175. Again, to put that in perspective, the top six SPs with at least 15 wins went 104-41 last year. That's a .710 winning percentage. In other words, after the 2006 season, you could have hand picked which pitchers you wanted to use, and they would not have performed as well as the Dummies staff. It's an incredible run, but it can't continue. Ironically, the Dummies have lost ALL of their number 1 SP matchups, and are barely on the plus side, which explains the 2-2 record, which should be better. Just another reason that I hate the SP matchup rule. GDR, are you listening??

Saturday morning, May 5th. I'm trailing in every league, in a couple of places, I'm trailing huge. I think it's officially time to start worrying at Albert. In at least a couple of my leagues, his early season doldrums were masked by A-Rods hot start. But A-Rod has cooled off, and Pujols is just not performing. Maybe the lineup in St. Louis is that bad, but it's hardly different from last years. I'm probably making too much of a small statistical sample, but I have to admit, the lack of production is extremely frustrating.

On the plus side, it looks like the return of Carpenter is imminent (if not permanent), El Duque will only miss a couple of starts, and it's only a matter of time before Pujols and Michael Young start hitting, Clemens rides in on his white horse, and the Gryphons go on their mid season tear. Heck, if Jack Bauer can survive killing his buddy, torturing then losing his brother, being tortured by the Chinese, breaking into the Russian Embassy, AND being arrested by his co-workers, anything is possible. Heck, that only took him a day.

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leehaak said...

Okay, I'll take 3 out of 4. No sooner do I trumpet Carpenters return, it's announced he is undergoing elbow surgery. That sound you hear is my bubble bursting. Barnacles!!