Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Thoughts on the Last Two Weeks

In the true sense of a blog I am going to pound this out quick style, all the things that have been rattling around the dome since the last blog.

JP Riccardi is a liar. He cost me 2 years and $7.5 million. Yes, I know, never pay for RP, you have put together a pen where the RP are mailing you a check and scoring 50+ a week. I however won last year in part because of K ROD and his dominance. I thought BJ Ryan would do the same. I would not have thought that if I knew he had a bad elbow. Alas, we all thought it was his back. Here is hoping the Blue Jays lose 100 games and Riccardi gets fired.

By the way, don't spend a lot of cash on closers.

Turnbow is breaking my heart this week. -18.5 points! Wow. I just hope he gets back to 0.

My team is 5-1 and it feels like I could easily be 1-5. I have won some close games throughout the season. I like luck though. It is much better then the alternative. With Randy Johnson throwing a gem tonight, Kendrick coming off the DL soon and hopefully a speedy return for Speier, I feel like I may have the mojo to make some noise. Joe Kennedy (as I am typing his name Buck just drilled one over the wall) and Furcal are giving me some points tonight.

Maybe my luck is the same force that allowed Spiderman 3 to make $150 million in one weekend. Has there ever been a more mediocre film to make so much money? I would say more, but I don't want to spoil emo Spidy for anyone.

Back to back singles for the Royals against Kennedy... ugh. And Calero bailed him out. Gracias.

Only 7 wins to go to clinch another year in the Ruth league and avoiding whatever feeling comes along with getting kicked out of a fantasy baseball league. This really is my season goal as I try to slowly put my own fingerprints on someone else's team. I will have to eat about $10 million in contracts next year in order to have some payroll flexibility, but I guess that is putting the cart before the horse. Front horse drive? Not so much.

Till next time.

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