Saturday, May 12, 2007

When it rains, it pours

April Flowers bring may showers? Yep, and that rain is coming down right on the heads of every one of my teams. After a respectable April, May has simply become a horror show for my GDR teams. This weeks show is a triple feature, as the fat lady has sung in three of my leagues even before the weekend begins.

I'd better speak now, because the way things are going for the Gryphons, I won't be around on these blogs next year. Another certain defeat to the Crash Test Dummies will drop my record to 2-4. Unfortunately, there isn't that much hope on the horizon. Sean Hill, who took a no-hitter into the the sixth inning, left last nights game without throwing another pitch. Elbow problems, meaning he's sidelined for at least 10 days, and joins the DL list along with Chris Carpenter and El Duque. I'm incredibly thin, and when you face the Dummies with a thin pitching staff, bad things happen. His absolutely sick SP run continues this week, with scores of 36, 25, 28, 29, and 27 from his starters. A 4-0 record, with not one guy scoring fewer than 25 points. That moves the record of his SPs to a combined 24-4, and lands him a total of 175 points FROM HIS STARTING PITCHING. This from a squad that has King Felix waiting in the wings. Yep, a clean sweep of the SP bonuses this week. I managed a respectable 72 points from my SPs so far, but I lose that battle by more than 100, and that leaves the Fat Lady to sing to her hearts content before the weekend even starts.

In the meantime, Albert Pujols has now put up 1.4 PPG over his last ten games, and my 'ace' pitchers in four other leagues, Santana and Sabathia, combined for 10 points, and Halladay leaves a departing gift of -8 before he hits the DL for six weeks. That leads to two more games that are over before the weekend, as those teams face the likes of Chris Young, Jason Marquis, and Peavy.

I've contacted Serrano from Major League, in hopes that he might have something to break the curse of the Pitching Gods, which has destroyed me in GDR, and in my roto leagues, where I have among my two nine man pitching staffs the following pitchers: Octavio Dotel, Rich Harden, Felix Hernandez, John Lester, Joel Zumaya, Orlando Hernandez, Jorge Julio, Chris Carpenter, John Patterson and Sean Hill. These guys show up at the park with a portable MASH unit.

At this point, there is very little I can do other than try out some new starters (guys like Freddy Garcia, Mark Hendrickson, and Jeff Suppan are getting the call in various leagues), and continue to vent my frustration on these pages while I still can. Unfortunately, it looks like the weekend forecast calls for, you guessed it, MORE RAIN!!

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