Friday, May 4, 2007

Women & children first

I’ve never been on an actual bandwagon, but it must be pretty cool. C’mon, people are always offering tickets to get on a bandwagon. I’ve been on a ship before. Maybe that’s not a good thing. The only time you hear about ships are when they sink.

This brings us to this blog-o’-the-week about when to bail and when to stay put. In short, nobody’s buying tickets for the Trophy Wives bandwagon. It’s Friday night and I’m resigning the fact I lost in both my leagues. And the owner/GM/grounds keeper/weekly moaner wants to know if it’s time to jump ship or ride it out. Way before GDR even existed I was the owner you all love to hate. Get my team during the draft, pickup a free agent for injuries and trade no one unless my eyes popped out of my sockets when I saw your offer. But I was successful and built winners. Forget the rest of you, I’ll win on my own. Then 2007 happened. And I have to admit I’m lost.

I tried a couple of trade offers. No doubt I’m too stingy in what I’m asking in return. Didn’t get any counter-offers because it’s probably retribution for years gone by. So now I face the daunting question of rebuild or stay in the race.

Don’t give me crap about it’s only the beginning of May. Sometimes you get a gut feeling for how things are going to go. The Law of Averages is kicking in and if anything I’m a firm believer in that friggin’ law. It’s time to realize my time has come. So here’s my advice for this week.


That being said, we (and when I say we, I mean me) have two options. 1) We blow up this entire thing and look toward next year. 2) We click the player activity button! That’s right, for all of you seemingly out of the race in the first week of May, let’s shake it up. Go out there and grab every free agent who you think can put together some kind of week. I’m watching three of my pitchers I thought would be key this year ride the d/l. Their replacements are not working, so let’s get rid of every piece of dead weight and replace them! Join me, everyone who’s at the bottom of the standings, and let’s get lucky!

Morgan Ensberg? Not so much with that 1.8 ppg average. David Ross? Sure, hit two homers after you hit the waiver wire. (Like I said, sometimes you know you ain’t gonna’ win.) Ramon, Russ, whatever….you, R. Ortiz, you’re gone. After all, one of you cannot throw strikes and the other is on the d/l. Javier Vazq…I can’t pull the trigger on you yet. BUT WAIT ‘TIL NEXT WEEK!

Moral of the story, don’t cash it in. I’m not going to divulge whom I replaced those guys with, but it doesn’t matter. They may or may not be available in your league. Don’t be losers, be changers! That was possibly the worst, cheesiest, make yourself feel better going into week 6 line ever divulged on the GDR blog. But damn, it felt good.

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