Tuesday, June 19, 2007

strategy, prospect draft

Well, I'm paying a bit more than Leehak for RPs, but since Cordero was my big spend at $7M & he's carrying my team with 339 points, I'm not complaining. R Soriano is also paying big dividends with 277 points for $3M. My spending in this league has been high, but my approach has been to put up $4-7M on a primary closer, $1-2M on primary SU, and nickel guys for MR. In general my RPs have been much better than my competition in this league plus the other 5 that I play.

In general, given how few good bats there were in our FAB, I am not surprised that my offense is struggling. Luckily my pitching staff, though it has been hurt, has been deep enough to keep me competitive. Rich Hill & Dice-K have been my mainstays although they're not incredibly consistent. S Marshall seems like a good pickup with Harden out & Felix struggling post-injury.

Since my pitching is deep & many signed multi-year, I focused my prospect draft on hitting. Stephen Drew has been a slight disappointment at SS, was hoping for 2.3-2.5 or so, so my 1st pick was Reid Brignac of TB, who is projected as a year-end callup & should win the starting job next spring if form holds. In the bigs he has Brendan Harris ahead of him, who is hot now but does not project as a long-term guy there, so hoping Brignac can help at SS next year, if I make it to next year!

My other 3 picks so far have been OFs. C Gomez, who is playing in NY now, should give me an option for this year or next since Alou is older than dirt. I have a core OF of JD Drew, Hawpe, Damon & Markakis who are all signed multiyear, but my leader on offense is Victorino who is only signed for this year. Follwing Gomez are Trevor Crowe, a likely callup to the Indians, and Brendan Moss, who is behind JD Drew & Manny in Boston but may also be useful in 2008. I already signed & promoted Ryan Braun as well (my only prospect starting this season), helping to get me some much-needed production at DH. I do need a 1B prospect with LaRoche in PIT a big disappointment right now, so I'll look to package one of the above OFs for one.

All in all, can't complain about my 6-5 record. If Felix comes back & I get anything from Harden the rest of the way, I think I should be right there in the playoff mix.

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