Tuesday, June 5, 2007


My club's done better than I hoped with a 6-3 record. I'm well on my way to my minimum goal of getting enough wins to keep this team.

However, I have 3 good 1B in Todd Helton ($8.5M/3/NT), Jim Thome ($8.5M/3) and Adrian Gonzalez ($3.0M/2). Helton couldn't traded and Gonzalez is a bargain. Thome's salary was an awful lot of money for a bench player so I moved him.

Return for him was S. Green ($1.5M/1) - on DL, Hunter Pence (unsigned) and Eric Duncan (unsigned). Signing Pence at $0.5M/3 allows me to not play my lousy backup OF (Luke Scott). Once Green gets off the DL I'll have plenty of OF depth and send Scott to the minors. With ARod likely to opt out after this season Duncan should be up next year. He'll be a bargain at $0.5M/3.

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