Thursday, July 12, 2007

Aging Ungracefully

I’m not one of those people who laments his age. I’m not THAT old, but last year I hit one of those round numbers divisible by 10. That being said, I’m tired of old baseball players. Sick and tired.

If you’re winning your league or in the playoff hunt disregard the rest of this. You’re far more successful than I’ve been this season and this won't help you one iota. If you’re still reading, I feel your pain.

The disabled list reads Hampton, Gagne, R. Johnson, R. Hernandez, Gagne (again), Schmidt, R. Johnson (again), Schmidt (again), Tejada, R. Johnson (again, again) and Gagne…nope, sorry, just waiting for the inevitable on that one. There have been others, younger ones like Zumaya, Chad Tracy and Jason Jennings. Those bodies heal quickly. The aforementioned do not.

I don’t blame injuries. I blame myself for banking so much money on these guys to stay healthy two seasons in a row. I had every one of them except Gagne and Hernandez last year. So I screwed myself.

It is time to unload. Dump the elderly not living up to the hype. Or at least try to pawn them off on somebody else no matter what the trade, especially if the elderly are on long-term contracts. Hopefully you’ve already done that in your leagues. I seem to be hanging on the last bastion of hope not wanting to eat that $9.25-mil Johnson and Schmidt are going to cost me next year if I cut them tomorrow.

As of my last post I was 2-2. The downward spiral since then resulted in going 2-8. 4-10 overall for the season. And in the spirit of tell-all-book Game of Shadows I now unveil Project .500. The goal, go 8-2 the rest of the season and finish at .500 to play another season in the Mantle League. Possible? YES! Feasible? Are you out of your f’ing mind?

So the posts will come each week as see if the Trophy Wives can do the nearly impossible, even without the help of BALCO. Hell, if my players want to go find some “nutritional supplements” I say more power to you. They cannot perform any worse than first 14 weeks of the season.

One hint next year when All-Star break week rolls around. Tabulate the strength of your team against your opponents not by points per game, but instead by how many more games your players will gain in the shortened week. Take fliers on pitchers on the free agent market if you think some of yours won’t start in what’s a 3-day week for most teams. Don’t get caught with SPs on their teams' benches waiting for the next week to roll around. To do this you have to make sure you beat your transaction duration period and league deadline. Even if a team makes a change at the last minute and one of your original pitchers looks like he’s in the rotation, you just drop the guy you picked up next week. I had to pick up 3 SPs this week to make sure I had 1-5+SPS covered.

And how is Project .500 going you ask? Down 36 points after 1 day. But then who would have guessed Troy Ellerman would spend 2 ½ years in federal prison?

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