Saturday, July 28, 2007

GDR Awards

The Gryphons have once again reached the magic .500 mark which is where they need to be so I can have this forum again next year to continue preaching fiscal responsbility in relief pitching. I'm sure a large part of the GDR community is probably hoping I don't make it! In any case, the news was definitely bittersweet, as it was announced (finally) that Chris Carpenter would not be back, and that my 10 million had officially been flushed. He's gone, and with it, most likely, my last hope for making the playoffs. And to make matters worse, Chase Utley, my 2B in two first place leagues, went down for a month. He should be back for the playoffs, but it wasn't good news.

Still, after a horrible start to the season, most of my teams have rebounded, and I'm currently in a playoff spot in all five other leagues. Pretty decent winning percentages in all of them as well, only the Gryphons are not above .500

We're far enough into the season to start taking a look at the surprises, flops, and MVPs of GDR baseball. So let's have at it, position by position:


All-Star: Victor Martinez, an easy choice, as Mauer has been hurt, and McCann has underperformed.
All-Value: Russ Martin, usually not too expensive, solid numbers.
All-Bust: Again, an easy decision, Brian McCann owners have to wonder what the heck happened to this guy.


All-Star: A surprise, but by a nose, it's Justin Morneau. 3.5 ppg from the AL MVP leads all 1B, but this position is very ddep and very balanced.
All-Value: Again, not very many surprises, but we'll give the nod to Prince Fielder, who might have been a little undervalued, but has performed well. Bounce back for Helton should be noted as well. Still, you haven't won your league by finding a steal at 1B.
All-Bust: Despite having the 2nd most points at his position, this award goes to Albert Pujols who has been a massive dissapoint to his owners (and in pretty much every league, that's me!) At least a point per game under what was expected, showing he is only human. Look for a second half bounce back, and a huge year again next year.


All-Star: Utley. No surprise here. He's been far better than anyone else. The injury hurts, but he still probably ends up with more points than any other 2B, even after missing a month.
All-Value: Placido Polanco exceeded all expectations this year, and continues to be one of the most reliable real life and fantasy players in the game.
All-Bust: Jorge Cantu. Does anyone own him??


All-Star: Jose Reyes. No surprise here, the only surprise is how close the other two guys came to him. I had forecast Reyes as being significantly better then Ramirez and Rollins. There really isn't much to separate them.
All-Value: Hanley Ramirez. He shouldn't have been a secret again this year, but he was. He has the potential to pass Reyes as the best GDR SS in the game. I targeted this guy in every league he was available, and even went so far as to have him and Rollins on the same team, for which I received much scorn and ridicule. It's worked out well. Not very many DHs are better than Hanley Ramirez.
All-Bust: Tough call, as everyone is pretty much where they should be. I guess the guy that stands out most is Michael Young, who for the second straight year has underperformed his projections.


All-Star: Scott Rolen...... just kidding. This one is obviously a no-brainer. A-Rod has returned to the elite group of GDR players after a one year absence. I think I compared him to Rolen. I've apologized to his whole family for that transgression.
All-Value: Split decision - Chipper was cheap, but has played extremely well when in the lineup. And Ryan Braun, who had he been up all season would have been top three.
All-Bust: They are standing in line to collect this one, but I'll give the nod to Miguel Cabrera, in a close race with David Wright and Ryan Zimmerman.


All-Star: Gary Sheffield - who saw that coming?
All-Value: I think the nod here has to go to Eric Byrnes. Still, this is a position where lots of guys could be picked up and be very effective. Another area I tend to not spend a ton on draft day. Hunter Pence and Marlon Byrd certainly deserve mention here, as does Curtis Granderson.
All-Bust: Again, lots of guys clamoring for this one, but I'm going to give it to Jason Bay. Others worth mentioning: Wells, Beltran, Abreu, Manny, and Soriano. All have been middle of the road this year, despite getting first or second OF money in the draft.


All-Star: This is a close race, with lots of the usual suspects right in the thick of it. I'll go with Dan Haren.
All-Value: Eric Bedard, just because. Cole Hamels and Ted Lilly deserve mention here as well.
All-Bust: Chris Carpenter. No one else even got into the stadium, although Bartolo Colon was right outside with his ticket in hand.


All-Star: There's a new sheriff in town and his name is J.J. Putz. If you have him, good for you. Although if you paid too much for him, shame, shame, you aren't reading my blog. I have him in exactly zero leagues. No surprise there.

All-Value: The nod here goes to Tony Pena. The pitcher. Yes, him. Did anyone draft him? Come on, be honest. Honorable mention goes to Hideki Okajima (I DID see that one coming), and Jose Valverde, the best closer no none wanted (except for me). Again, there are lots of other viable candidates here (Gregg, Rauch, Capps, Turnbow, Bell), which again demonstrates why you don't pay for closers.
All-Bust: Once again, only one viable candidate, and again, it's the injury that does him in. B.J. Ryan in a landslide. Honorable mention for a healthy bust - Mariano Rivera.

GDR MVP - No surprise here, it's A-Rod in a landslide. No one comes close to his position value. The most likely candidates, Santana and Pujols, both have had subpar years, and Utley's injury keeps him from at least stealing a few votes. Runner up here is Utley.

There you have it, feel free to disagree!


Carolyn said...

You're kidding me about Miguel Cabrera, right? Best offensive player in the NL this season. Only player in the MAJORS who's top 5 in all triple-crown categories. Better check your stats again:

AVG .336 | HR 25 | RBI 78 | OBP .406 | SLG .610

OPS: 1.016!!!

leehaak said...

Miggy has come on a bit in the last couple of weeks, so I might reconsider that one, but the stats you posted don't tell the whole story. Miggy should have taken a step forward this year (at least in GDR terms, which is what we're looking at). The bust criteria was that a guy underperformed relative to his salary. Not much question in my mind that Miggy did indeed underperform in GDR. His speed, which was a part of his game last year, disappeared. One look at the guy tells you why. He made a huge leap forward last year, and given his age, it was very reasonable to expect him to do the same this year, and he didn't. The slugging is up, but the OBP is down, doubles are down, walks are down, strikeouts are up, and he's attempted 1 SB this year, and it adds up to a drop in his GDR performance, when most paid for a gain.

He's managed to pull himself up over the 3 ppg mark in the last couple of weeks,but I'd still label his GDR season as a disappointment so far.

J said...

nice post.