Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Oh, What a Project it is

Did Victor Conte go through this? Launch a project, Project .500 that is (the Trophy Wives unrealistic goal to get back to the .500 mark by year’s end) and have the beginning of the plan fall to you know what? After reading Game of Shadows I understand Victor wanted to create the world's fastest man. But what if Vic decides GDR is the way to go after he's out of the pen?

The All-Star shortened week yielded a .259 batting average, 8 RBI by the leadoff hitter (Bobby Abreu) and 2 SB by the #6 hitter (Edwin Encarnacion). Oh by the way, the leadoff hitter had no SB and the #6 hitter had no RBI. My personal fave, the starting pitching. I scored a total of 33 points. 32 of the compliments of 1 man alone, Buddy Carlyle. Gives you an idea about the effectiveness of the rest of the staff. So now Project .500 needs to go 8-1 the rest of the year. As for week 16, down roughly 33 points and both teams have 4 starters left. It appears as thought Project .500 is one week away from changing its name to Project Perfect, since there won’t be any more losses to throw away.

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