Monday, September 10, 2007

So you are telling me there's a chance

After going for it all last year and having lots of bad contracts this year, and not being able to make any deals of significance, I control my own destiny and with a win could make the playoffs as the 4th seed. This all thanks to a current 6 game win streak.

The strength of my team this year has been the bullpen, with Papelbon, Capps and Vizcaino all having good seasons. Also throw in MacDougal and Dotel before injury and week in and week out the bullpen has been solid.

Having a current 13-10 record assures that at the very least, even if I cannot pull off an upset in the playoffs, I will be back next year. Next year should be better with many bad contracts like Schilling, Giambi, and Cliff Lee coming off the books. In addition, I will still return much of my core team in Ichiro, Hafner, Carlos Lee, Pettitte, Blanton, and Papelbon returning.

Trying to win this year as well as plan for next year is the most difficult/fun part of GDR!

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gameDayScott said...

Best. Dumb & Dumber Reference. Ever.