Wednesday, March 5, 2008

the bees are back, baby

Big thanks to the GDR staff for letting us losers return to the Champions Leagues this year.  Now, free from a number of the bum contracts I inherited last year, I can continue my reclamation project.  In keeping with that, clearly I turned down the Fire Sale option.  I mean, if I didn't blow things up last year, I'm certainly not going to now.

Assessing The Blackland Bees

So, I have a pretty solid core team in place, including vets signed by my predecessor who are in their 3rd year (Ichiro, David Wright, Chase Utley, Dan Haren) and the trio of fine young players I pulled in last year (Prince Fielder, Russell Martin, Chris "Arizona Outfield" Young).  I've also got some choice prospects just waiting for that leetle beet of big league time (Colby Rasmus, Jay Bruce, Evan Longoria) so they can be signed.  Now I just have to decide who to extend and start thinking about my needs and the FAB strategy that will allow me to return next year, not as a loser but as, at least, a better than .500 contender.

Wish me luck.  I think I need to find some pitching...

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