Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Koufax, End of Round 2

The end is near, the end is near, oh its here.

Generally, I would wait until the end of the FAB to write this summary, but I am out of money, so why wait.

Going into the FAB, I had about 25 mil to spend, and some major holes. Last year, I tried too hard to be both a great offensive and a great pitching team. I ended up old and very thin. So, this year I aimed to get younger, and to shore up my pitching staff. I think I accomplished my goals, but we will have to wait and see.

Pre-FAB Roster

  • C - M. Piazza 6m/3y, J. Lopez .5m /1y
  • 1B - F. Thomas 3.5m/1y, N. Johnson 2m/1y
  • 2B - B. Roberts 8.0m/2y
  • 3B - J. Crede 2.0/2y, J Goedert 0.0M/2y/p
  • SS - R. Furcal 7.5m/2y
  • OF - M. Ramirez 10m/2y/NT, L. Berkman 9.5m/2y/NT, A. Jones 0.0m/2y/P, C. Gomez 0.0/2y/P, C. Gonzalez 0.0m/2y/P
  • SP - B. Webb 10.5m/2y/NT, Felix H 7.5m/2, C. James 3.5m/2y, C. Baek .5m/1y, A. Sanchez 0.0y/2y/P
  • RP - P. Neshek 3.5m/2y, J. Pineiro 1.5m/1y

So, after 25 mil or so and 2 days of signings, my new squad looks like the following:

  • C - M. Napoli 1m/2y
  • 1B - F. Thomas 3.5m/1y, N. Johnson 2m/1y
  • 2B - B. Roberts 8m/2y
  • 3B - M. Lowell 5m/3y, M. Lamb .5m/1y, J. Goedert 0m/2y/P
  • SS - R. Furcal 7.5m/2y, R. Theriot 2.5m/3y (SS & 2B Eligibility)
  • OF - L. Berkman 9.5m/2y/NT, S. Victorino 4.0m/3y, A. Jones .5m/3y, C. Gomez .5m/3y, C. Gonzalez 0m/2y/P
  • SP - B. Webb 10.5m/2y/NT, C. Sabathia 10.5m/2y/NT, Felix H 7.5m/2y, P. Hughes 6m/3y, C. Buchholz 5m/3y, C. James 3.5m/2y, C. Baek .5m/1y, J. Pineiro 1.5m/1, A. Sanchez 0m/2y/P
  • RP - M. Gonzalez 1m/1y, D. Sanchez 1m/1y

I sent Crede, Piazza, and Lopez packing via the waiver wire. Activated my prospects A. Jones, and C. Gomez. During the FAB, I waived M. Ramirez and another owner picked him up which allowed me to pickup a tier 1 pitcher with the available NT clause.

Obviously, I still need to pickup a closer, and maybe a couple of backups, but all in all, I am pretty happy with my FAB.

Good Luck and may your BRZ's be few.

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