Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mays Conference, FAB

Champions Leagues are tough the first couple of years, because you have to rebuild a ton generally. The main problem is you are playing against Champions who have a lot of the good talent and prospects. I am in my second year and made some improvements and have gotten rid of some big contracts (Brad Lidge 10.5 million) which I inherited and is on the books.

I only had 21.5million to spend in the FAB (after a waiver or two) and had some major holes to fill....luckily I had 4 pretty good starting pitchers so I did not have to allocate resources to them.

Going in I had:

Position Players

Bill Hall 2.0/1 yr - ok price if he plays up to his potential...
Ryan Church 1.o / 1yr
Delmont Young 0.5 / 2yr Bargain from last FAB
C. Granderson 0.5 /2yr Another bargain from last FAB
Robinson Cano 4.5 / 1 yr decent price
F. Sanchez 3.5 / 2yr good if he hits like 2 years ago and stays injury free
I. Rodriguez 2.0 / 1yr weak spot I need to address
D. Ortiz 17.5 1/yr overpriced but I need someone to hit (inherited)
M. Teixeira 12.5 / 1 yr inherited...but last yr of contract a bit overpriced


B Myers 7.5 / 1yr - worth it if he returns to form
S. Kazmir 6.5 / 1yr - we will see
J. Patterson - 4.5 / 1yr - good price if he pitches like Patterson
U. Jiminez - 0.5 / 3 yr - signed prospect

I had 30 million on the books for this year which I will get back for next year...

So here is what I did with my 21 million...

F. Pie 0.5 /3yr - hope springs eternal...could be a steal or a waste of 0.5
A. Rowand 3.5 - 3 yr - gives me 3 solid outfielders for a total of 5 million...
A. Iwamura 4.0 / 3yr - decent for the price but couldn't afford the studs..
D. Jeter 6.0 / 3 yr - had to get a quality SS...maybe a little pricy
J. Keppinger 0.5 / 3yr - future investment like Pie
J Rauch 4 / 2 yr - set up man
G. Sherill 3.5 / 2yr - banking on him winning the job otherwise I will have to wait for another

Do I think this is a championship team...probably not but it will take a couple of more seasons to rebuild and maybe if I get lucky some prospects will blossom and I can make a run next year. I am in a rebuilding year, but overall I should be competitive.

That is it for now...good luck in your FAB's

Chicago Cougars

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