Monday, March 17, 2008

New Year, New Team..... Same league.

The FAB, once again, proved to be very interesting and quite unpredictable. With two new owners taking over teams in our league both chose to firesale. This meant me and my lackluster starting pitching staff (Pre-FAB) might not improve due to being outbid on at least one but preferably two top-level pitchers to anchor my starting rotation.

The FAB has now arrived and I have a modest 28.8 Million to spend on about what I though would be about 20-22 players to fill the active and part of the minor roster.

The FAB didn't start well because I didn't anticipate the learning curve concerning how to inject a player properly!!! (it had been a year, ya know) How soon we do forget and as a result ended up with a proposed 1Y bid for 3M for Gil Meche! Not that he is all that bad but not my first choice. Fortunately, I was outbid and no harm no foul.

Leaning on improving my pitching day 1 I lost out on my next 3 bids for D. McGowan, P. Hughes and K. Slowey. After losing out on these player I placed bids on players I had my eye on that were OTM at the time and ended day 1 signing:

RP: M. Lindstrom - .5M/1Y
RP: P. Moyland -.5M/1Y
P: C. Zambrano - 6.5M/1Y NT (The anchor I needed)
C: C. Ruiz - 1.0M/1Y (backup)

I was fortunate to only lose out on 1 more player the rest of the way and that was a backup SS but I planned to take care of that post-FAB.

Prior to day 2 I made two trades that helped me out (I think). I gave 1M to get K. Kouzmanoff - .5M/1Y and I traded prospect C. Kershaw for J. Lester - 2.0M/2Y. Trading a prospect that promising was tough but I wanted a good young starter that is on a winning team starting today.
Day 2 signings were centered around improving my SP as well as the corners:

P: J. Jurrjens - 2.0M/3Y (flyer?)
P: K. Kendrick - 1.5M/1Y
3B: C. Headly - 1.5M/2Y
1B: R. Garko - 3.0M/3Y (didn't want to spend that much but was challenged)
SP: N. Lowery - 2.0M/2Y
RP: C. Marmol - 2.0M/1Y

Moving on to day 3 signings I tried to wrap up getting my backup at 2nd and yes, more pitching!!:

2B: K. Matsui - 1.0M/1Y
SP: J. Saunders - .5M/1Y
RP: M. Corpas - 2.5M/2Y

Post-FAB I concentrated on more depth and picked up:
OF: B. Hall - 3.0M/1Y (soon to be 3rd eligable)
SS: J. Lugo - 2.5M/1Y
1B: C. Kotchman - 1.5M/1Y
SP: E. Santana - 1.5M/1Y

All in all very happy with the team. Below is my full roster, what do you think?

1st Base:
Garko, R. - $3.0M/3Y
Kotchman, C. - $1.5M/1Y
Jackson, C. - $2.0M/2Y

2nd Base:
Phillips, B. - $3.5M/1Y
Matsui, K. - $1.0M/1Y

3rd Base:
Headley, C. - $1.5M/2Y
Kouzmanoff, K. - $0.5M/1Y

Lugo, J. - $2.5M/1Y
Renteria, E. - $5.0M/1Y

Martin, R. - $4.5M/2Y
Ruiz, C. - $1.0M/1Y

Soriano, A. - $11.0M/2YNT
Jones, A. - $10.0M/2YNT
Bay, J. - $8.0M/2Y
Hall, B. - $3.0M/1Y
Swisher, N. - $4.0M/2Y
Hawpe, B. - $3.0M/1YX

Zambrano, C. - $6.5M/1YNT
Beckett, J. - $5.5M/1Y
Perez, O. - $4.0M/2YX
Lester, J. - $2.0M/2Y
Lowry, N. - $2.0M/2Y
Saunders, J. - $0.5M/1Y
Sanchez, A. - $5.5M/2Y
Jurrjens, J. - $2.0M/3Y
Chacin, G. - $1.5M/1Y
Santana, E. - $1.5M/1Y
Kendrick, K. - $1.5M/1Y

Corpas, M. - $2.5M/2Y
Soriano, R. - $2.5M/1Y
Marmol, C. - $2.0M/1Y
Moylan, P. - $0.5M/1Y
Lindstrom, M. - $0.5M/1Y

- Will G.
- Nashville Salamanders

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