Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Grrrrrr! Frustration Sets In!

Rio's Sun Dogs were very excited in anticipation of our second season in the Mays Conference of the Champion's League. After finishing 14-12 last season and having a lot of cash going into this year's FAB, we were extremely confident. The FAB went very well and we believed that we were the strongest team in the league. Then the season started...

Currently, Rio's Sun Dogs are 1-1, but the injuries are killing us. We currently have 6 players on the DL and no cash to spend for replacements. The players currently gracing our DL include the likes of Pedro, Lowell, Schmidt, Garza, Borowoski, and Jack Wilson.

Our trainers are working hard to get these guys back on the diamond, but it may take a couple of months until we are back at full strength. Even with the injuries, this team is much improved over the '07 version. Here's what our starters look like now:

C: Buck
1B: Konerko
2B: Polanco
SS: Tejada
3B: A. Ramirez
OF: Byrnes, Matthews, B. Giles
DH: Bradley
SP: Sheets, Vazquez, Westbrook, Zambrano, L. Hernandez, Burnett
RP: Downs, T. Walker, Isringhausen

We're looking forward to improving as the season moves along. We hope to be peaking at playoff time as we fully expect to win this league!

Rio's Sun Dogs

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