Monday, April 7, 2008

The Journey Of A Thousand Miles...

Begins with a single win.

That's the way to start the season.  No matter what happens now, I can't be thoroughly embarrassed.  I mean, sure, I could still be utterly embarrassed or seriously embarrassed or even mostly embarrassed.  But not thoroughly.

I'd like to thank Hiroki Kuroda, and my bullpen (Pat Neshek and Joakim Soria, especially) for providing me with the edge I needed.  

Also, Ryan Church is now my hero.  Xavier Nady would be, too, but I'd somewhat foolishly (in hindsight, anyway) stuck him in as a backup.  There's no telling, of course, if these guys will keep mashing like they did in Week 1, but I sure hope they do.  Check back in seven.

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Anonymous said...

Is this a post solely for yourself? What's going on in your league, and what was your game like? (Details, please.)