Thursday, April 10, 2008

Nugs Get First Win

The first week of competition in the Aaron Conference ended with a convincing win for the Blubber Nuggets. It's always good to start out on the right foot.

There are some obvious trouble spots though. My decision to pay heavily for three cornerstone players, (A-Rod, Hanley Ramirez, and Brandon Webb) left me thin. Other than Webb, the pitching is spotty. Prices for the second teir pitchers were high as other owners were anxious to land at least one quality arm. The Nuggets season will really hinge on whether Bret Myers comes through as a dependable number two starter. In the first week he disappointed, but the hitting was good enough to make it through. Fortunately Ryan Dempster has been a nice surprise and has offset the underachieving Myers. However it isn't likely to continue that way, and if Myers doesn't come around I'll be in trouble. I also need a return to form by Randy Johnson once he's off the DL if I'm gonna make a push for the crown. That may be too many ifs.

The other concern is with the young outfielders I have. Rios, Hamilton, Pence and D.Young all have the talent, but will they be consistent enough? At least two of them need to come through and live up to their potential for the Nuggets to be sucessfull.

If I am fortunate enough to avoid injuries to key players, and if Myers and some of the young lions in the outfield come through, the Nuggets will be playoff bound.

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