Friday, May 2, 2008

Cinco de Mayo Starts Now

Cinco de Mayo might be the most important day of your GDR season. You have two days until it hits. Don’t claim anyone. Don’t waive anyone. Sit on your hands and pray the Cinco de Mayo gods are with you. (I’m sure that’s blasphemous in some sort of way but you can take that up with your own pastor on your own time.)

Speaking of time, if you got his far, God bless you. That will make the monotheistic happy right there. Blogging is an obligation of the Champion’s League. And a buddy of mine said you have to be personal and open up when you blog, just go Emily Dickinson on your keyboard.

“I didn’t date her,” I said.

“Nevermind,” was his reply.

So I just did that stream of conscience thing anyway.

GDR said “If you want a sub .500 team and want to stay in the league, get thee to a blog!”

1) Thank you for GDR letting us sub .500 owners stay in the Champions League and my apologies for the first blog coming 5 weeks into the season. To be honest, I went back and read my other blogs from the previous 2 years about what happens during the FAB and 1st month of play, and I have absolutely nothing to add to it. Also, that previous statement is a great excuse for the fact that we’re remodeling 4 rooms and this week is the first time I’ve simultaneously had a tv and computer plugged in at the same time. Who knew Baseball Tonight still existed? Who knew sanding/priming/painting cabinets was the ultimate test of patience? Who knows where to find a piece of WM-81 molding to go around my ceiling? NO, I’M SERIOUS. Who knows where to find a piece of WM-81 molding to go around my ceiling?

2) Damned you GDR for keeping all those posts (back in the good ‘ol days of 2006 we called them “posts”) and blogs from past years. I just read the one from when my daughter had her first birthday and I was going to miss the FAB that weekend. Woe is me, right? Who would have thought a 1-year-old’s birthday would be easier than dealing with a 3-year-old on a daily basis?!?!

By the way, Max Scherzer just went for 2.5 mil! My league is full of MU grads, but this cat just cost one owner more than I had in the coffers for the rest of the year and I still need a SS after Tulo got hurt. Ian Kinsler’s now a steal for 0.5 mil.

Cathartic that was, and now we come to Cinco de Mayo. You knew we’d get there somehow. April is over, and our first week of true April-less baseball starts on the 5th of May. This is a time when Nate McClouth passes Matt Holliday on McClouth’s way down. When Chris Young passes Randy Wolf on Young’s way up. Fact is, if you stuck with your guys this long and you’re down, your team is about to change. Nice thing about baseball is you can pick out slow starters, and know fast starters don’t stick around forever. It’s a trial of patience,

In that same vein, I’ll be the first to admit I blow too much cash on guys I keep waiting for the boat-to-come-in come summer. Other owners stash cash, pick up a McClouth/Wolfe/Jurjjens and reap the benefits in April. And in two leagues I’m in that deficit already seems insurmountable. So my advice is do what I have not. Find the hot bat early in the season and get ready to toss it or bench it when its time is up. Call it the Tuffy Rhodes syndrome if you must. But I’ve been waiting for the likes of Morneau (105 overall in points) and Teixeira (132 in points) to wake up. How pathetic is it that my meltdown closer Kerry Wood has as many points including his blown saves and loss as Big Tex? Trust me, between that and the hinges not fitting the cabinets I lose sleep. Probably more so over the hinges.

But A-Rod is not going to finish at 199 in points, Jimmy Rollins won’t be 269 and Victor Martinez won’t be 228. Granted, these are all injury cases. So do what I’ve preached never to do in every other blog I’ve had. Trade everything you got for whatever you need. Sacrifice limbs, tentacles and all other objects of reach to put together a team. If someone asks you for your entire farm club for a starter to make you competitive…do it. You give up umpteen teenagers for a major leaguer that can hit home runs, then do it. Don’t sit and think “Well, where are we going to be 3 years from now?” Here’s an idea. Go draft a better a team 3 years from now. Don’t rely on a bunch of phenoms with 1 week stands. I’m still quivering from what I call the Johny Cueto delirium tremors. As in I tremor every tie he takes the mound.

But there’s a dark side to this Cinco de Mayo. Wondering to what to do with certain players like Dontrelle and Anduw Jones. Ride them or waive them? Your guess is as good as mine. It comes down to contractual obligations. If it’s long-term for serious money you have to ride it out. You already committed. If it was a one-year deal and a cheapy there’s a way out. It’s called waiver wire. And of course there’s always that other owner looking to capitalize on knowing Dru-Pac isn’t going to hit .154 all year long. He’ll take a flier on him for a trade. Heck, maybe you could get his entire herd of minor leaguers! Then see where you are in three years.

One parting shot in honor of the late-great Dick Schaap. Read any post by abenner & leehaak. I’ve said it before these guys are crème de la crème for Champion League bloggers. Their track record speaks for itself.

Damned, I just went an entire 1st season blog without mentioning I won the inaugural Mantle Champions League. Go figure.

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