Monday, May 12, 2008

Lance Berkman is your new god

I'm thinking about just benching the rest of my lineup, see if he can single-handedly outproduce an opponent some week.

Just wanted to touch on this concept of "luck" today. A little more than a month into my first GDR Champions League season, I'm leading the league with 345.2 ppg, 17 more ppg than any team in the league. But I'm sitting at 4-2, third place in my division. I tell that to the fellas back in my home league (Planet Manny), and the reaction is some variation of "tough luck."

But at the same time, my best pitcher this season has been post-FAB signee Cliff Lee. I'd like to say I knew this middling starter would end up pitching like Sandy Koufax circa 1964 facing Little Leaguers after winter workouts with Brian McNamee. But in reality, I was just looking for some LHP depth for my rotation. Had Francisco Liriano started the year in the bigs, Lee probably would have headed to my minor league roster (the Orioles Magic Triple-A affiliate is in Bozeman, Montana). So in that respect, I've been lucky as hell. (Can I type "hell" in the GDRBC blog? Guess we'll find out.)

So I guess my point is, luck evens out. And looking back, that's not much of a point. So apparently I don't really have a point.

Big one against the 4-2 Rye Lions this week. I miss you Chase Utley.

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