Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Losing Streaks

As we plod along during week 8 in the Clemente Conference, my early season high hopes have been swimming in the muck of a 2 game losing streak.  Worse, I am losing against this week 170-110.  Here are my games to date:

1-0 USA Rangers 244   Texas Hedge 214  
2-0 USA Rangers 291    Nothing2Lose 198 
2-1  USA Rangers 266   Jaleel White Sox 293
3-1  USA Rangers 284   Schrute's Recruits 247
4-1  USA Rangers 298   Angry Cavemen 293
4-2  USA Rangers 249   Sterling Aviators 353
4-3  USA Rangers 234   Carrsallstars_cl 309
        USA Rangers 110    Advid Hunters 170 (as of wed. 11:32 PM)

At the beginning of the year, I thought I had a pretty good team.  Despite early season injuries, we went 4-1.  Now, however, my team is healthy (except Jorge Posada) and were losing?  Go figure!  What happened?  Well, my all-star roster has failed to live up to expectations to date.  

First we can start with the pitching staff.  Fausto Carmona is pitching inconsistently and his current 14.8 FP is not helping the USA Rangers bring in wins. Despite his minute ERA this year of 2.25, 0.81 points below last year when he averaged over 18 FP's a game.  Then we have Andy Pettitte who started fast, but lately been a real pain.  His 10.1 FP average is bad, but over the past couple of weeks (my losing streak) his FP's have been -4, 1, 16, -3, 7 for an average of 3.2 per game.  OUCH!  Now add Chris Young's inconsistency and the lack meeting expectations by Ian Kennedy, Brandon Backe, Andrew Miller you can see where the USA Rangers are going wrong.  Finally, the kicker these past couple of weeks, once hot Aaron Cook who started the season blazing has gone -4 FP and 3 FP in his last too outings, giving up 9 runs and 20 hits.  Not good!

Then we have the hitting, which has been worse.  Granderson started the year on the DL and recently went through a torrid slump.  Torri Hunter is only averaging 2.5 FP's right now, which is his lowest total since the 2001 season when he was at 2.4.  JJ Hardy backtracked in his development this year and is a full 1.1 FP below his 2007 average.   Other players who have hit cold spells recently have been M Reynolds, M Grudzielanek, C Floyd, and M Cabrera.  

To make matters worse, as of tonight, four of my offensive players are currently collecting negative points (Youkillis, Sizemore, Floyd and Rolen) matched by Greg Olson promptly gave up -14 points.  

Naturally, my opponent has 5 offensive players already in double digits for points and three of his SP's have collected 71 pts to my three SP's whopping 15.  Luckily, my RP's showed up for work this week, outscoring the entire rest of my team right now with 56 points out of a current total 110.  RP's scoring more than the rest of your team combined is not really the recipe for victory.

Maybe, should my losing streak continue, I could rejoice in the fact if my current opponent keeps his pace, he will score over 300 points.  Then maybe I can use the excuse its not so much the performance of my players, but the unfortunate fact my opponents recently have decided to have great weeks when they play my team.  It sure beats not having to admit maybe my team is nothing more than average.

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